Barley according to the requirements of DSTU 3769-98.
Humidity –basis 14.0%, max. 25%;
Garbage impurity –basis 2%, max. 8%;
Grain impurity –max. 10.0%;
in particular grains of other crops –not more than 5.0%;
Nature –basis 580g / l, min.550g / l.

Barley belongs to the number of the oldest cultivated plants. The same way as wheat, it was cultivated during the Neolithic Revolution in the Middle East at least 10 thousand years ago. Barley grain is widely used for food, technical and feed purposes, including in the brewing industry, in the production of pearl barley and barley. Barley is one of the most valuable concentrated animal feeds, as it contains complete protein, rich in starch. In Russia, up to 70% of barley is used for feed purposes.

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