High-Protein Granulated Sunflower Meal

High-protein granulated sunflower meal
Mass fraction of crude protein:(as is) – min. 35.0%
Mass fraction of crude fiber:(as is) – max. 20.0%
Mass fraction of crude fat:(as is) – max. 2.0%
Mass fraction of moisture:max. 11.0%

It is a by-product in the production of sunflower oil obtained after pressing and extraction of sunflower seeds. Pressing is the process of squeezing oil from sunflower seeds. The extraction process consists in the separation from the seeds after pressing the residual oil content using organic solvents. In this case, if the sunflower meal, which is obtained after pressing, contains up to 10% of residual oil, then the percentage of residual oil in sunflower meal is brought to 1.5%.
Meal is a solid product obtained by the scheme of pressing – extraction from sunflower seeds with the use of additional moisture-heat treatment (toasting). Mass fraction of crude protein in terms of absolute dry matter – 38-39%.

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